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ANL Suspending Cargo Bound For South China Ports During CNY 2021

ANL SUSPENDING CARGO BOUND FOR SOUTH CHINA PORTS DURING CNY 2021 In light of COVID-19 and Chinese New Year ANL has announced temporary suspension of cargo bound for South China ports. Suspensions will be running from 5th January to 21st February 2021.   It is not expected that service will resume prior to the 21st Februry

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Expansion of Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Waiver Benefit

Expansion of ATT Origin Waiver Benefit The expansion of the Origin Waiver benefit for ATT was announced on 5 November 2020.   Four trade agreements have been added: Indonesia-Australia FTA (IA-CEPA) Australia-Hong Kong FTA (AHKFTA) Peru-Australia FTA (PAFTA) Comprehensive & Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Additional benefits for Periodic Payments ATT can now pay ABF-collected

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Khapra Beetle Update – Raising Awareness

Khapra Beetle – Raising Awareness The Department Of Agriculture, Water and the Enviroment (DAWE) has outlined what to look for to avoid the entry of the Khapra beetle into Australia.  For Importers the most likely way that khapra beetle could make it to Australia is with: stored produce including grain, rice, cotton seed, powdered milk

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VICT Tariff Update

VICT Tariff Update We have received advice from Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) have received advice from Victoria International Container Terminal Limited (VICT) that effective 1 January 2021 the following charges will apply: Import Storage Process and Terminal Tariff Late Receival Process and Terminal Tariff Maritime Security Levy

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Empty Container & Congestion Update – Sydney

Empty Container Returns & Congestion issues – Sydney With container empties surpluses prior to Christmas 2019, COVID and numerous industrial actions the situation of imports to exports has definitely not been balanced causing the congestion issues. Relief to this situation does not seem imminent until such time as “sweeper vessels” are scheduled to evacuate significant

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Shipping Update – Australia

Shipping Update – Australia The flow on from the Asian situation will be a huge collective operational challenge across the supply chain in Australia over the next month. As previously noted, Shipping Lines are vigorously seeking revenue on empty shipping container returns. Planning will be the key to avoiding financial impacts over the EOY period.

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Biosecurity: Performance & The Way Forward

Following on from industry wide dissatisfaction, particularly with document assessment processing, and releases of cargo after fumigations/inspections, Biosecurity has now responded regarding their challenges.

They also mention some opportunities for improvements, which we should collectively note and act upon.

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