January News Brief

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of our 2024 News Brief.

With various exciting projects on the way in 2024 we begin with “Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability: FJT Logistics introduces the FJT Exchange Portal”.

In a proactive move to bolster operational efficiency, transparency and sustainability efforts for clients, FJT Logistics proudly unveils the FJT Exchange Portal – a transformative addition to the world of global trade.

Lorenzo Checcacci
National Sales Manager

Navigating Choppy Waters:
A Closer Look at Global Trade Challenges

In the vast expanse of global trade, troubling waters are stirring, threatening to disrupt the smooth flow of goods and impacting economies worldwide.

The Red Sea, a crucial route for ships transporting goods between continents, has become a hotspot for tensions and conflicts.

These disruptions, combined with labor strikes at major Australian ports, create a challenging scenario that merits our attention and consideration.

The Red Sea Troubles:

  • Recent clashes and the Air strikes involving Yemen-based Houthi rebels have turned the Red Sea into an area of concern on global trade
  • Ships passing through this vital waterway are facing attacks, leading shipping companies to take longer routes to avoid danger. This rerouting not only extends travel times but also adds extra costs to the transportation of goods.
  • Australia, heavily dependent on imports, particularly from Europe, is at risk of experiencing price hikes for various products due to these challenges.

Port Strikes Down Under:

  • On the other side of the globe, major Australian ports are grappling with internal issues.
  • Strikes and work stoppages at DP World’s container terminals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Fremantle have caused a significant backlog of containers.
  • This backlog disrupts the usual flow of goods, affecting everything from everyday items to crucial supplies like pharmaceuticals and food.
  • A welcoming development of several PIA withdrawals as of 6:00am Saturday 13 January have been announced

Econmic Impact:

  • The consequences of these disruptions go beyond just inconveniences. Paul Zalai, director of the Freight and Trade Alliance, estimates a daily economic toll of at least $20 million due to the turmoil at DP World terminals.
  • This financial strain affects the entire supply chain, from businesses to consumers. Importantly, the impact extends to Australian exports, with seasonal products like fruits and other commodities facing challenges.

Consumer Woes:

  • Jim Wilson from Shipping Australia paints a concerning picture for consumers. If the issues in the Red Sea persist, increased costs and delays may become unavoidable.
  • Everyday shoppers may find themselves paying more for goods as these additional expenses get passed through the supply chain. This is a stark reminder that global events and disruptions have a direct impact on our wallets and daily lives.

Looking Ahead:

  • While some optimism arises with the return of a few vessels after a US-led naval operation, caution lingers. Industry executives, represented by shipping giants like Maersk and CMA CGM, are treading carefully in their plans to resume operations through the Red Sea.
  • The challenges persist, especially concerning the safety of cargo passing through the conflict-ridden zone.

In conclusion, the world of global trade is facing turbulent times.

In navigating these choppy waters, collaborative efforts are essential to ensure the stability of global trade and, by extension, the well-being of communities around the world.

As consumers, we’re likely to feel the effects of these disruptions in our daily lives.
It’s a call for governments, international bodies, and industry players to come together to find solutions.

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