FJT Logistics Navigates Toward Recovery Following
DP World Resolution

DP World end of PIA

As the Maritime Union of Australia and DP World reach a resolution, bringing an end to prolonged disruptions, FJT LOGISTICS anticipates positive shifts in its operational landscape.

We anticipate a gradual return to expected transit times in the next eight to 10 weeks as DP World terminals resume full-scale operations.

Previously handling 40 percent of Australia’s container volume, DP World’s resolution brings relief to FJT Logistics, signaling a potential improvement in overall operations.

“The new deal is a relief,” FJT National Sales Manager Lorenzo Checcacci says.

“We hope that in the near future, no other terminal in Australia will go through this again.”

We’ve recently launched our new portal, FJT Exchange, designed to elevate operational productivity and transparency, offering our clients real-time visibility of shipments.

“Amid challenges, FJT Exchange continues to prove invaluable, offering transparency and visibility to effectively manage disruptions for FJT Logistics and its customers.

“It’s a trusted tool for transparency and visibility, aligning with FJT Logistics’ commitment to reliable solutions for its clients,” Checcacci says.

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