May 2022 – News Brief

Welcome to our May News Brief With the federal election fast approaching, issues facing all Australian business and consumers are on the table.    Supply chain issues have been dominating business board-level discussions for some time now. Issues such as manufacturing delays, shipping capacity, increased freight costs, vessel delays at ports, depleted inventory levels, extreme …

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April 2022 – News Brief

Welcome to our April News Brief We at FJT continue to follow the news from Ukraine closely and keep those affected by this human tragedy in our thoughts. Beyond the heartbreak, the crisis continues to impact freight and supply chains in multiple ways, from higher fuel costs to global sanctions and disrupted trade routes.  This …

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March 2022 – News Brief

Welcome to our March News Brief   As we slowly emerge from the health and economic effects of a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic, we are still somewhat restricted by an escalation of various surcharges, detention and demurrage costs, record high freight rates, schedule disruptions and an all-time low in schedule reliability, which will take some time …

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February 2022 – News Brief

Welcome to our February News Brief   Dear Customers, Colleagues and Friends, Before COVID, February was the month where we started to see a decrease of freight levels from China and consequently South East Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean areas. The above has not been the case for the past 2 years, actually we have …

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January 2022 – News Brief

Welcome to our January News Brief Dear Friends,Happy New Year to all! We haven’t finished enjoying Christmas and we are again in the middle of a major consequence that the New wave of Omicron COVID is bringing to our sector. Shipments that are averaging double the transit time in comparison with 18/24 months ago, and …

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December 2021 – News Brief

Welcome to our December News Brief Dear Customers, Suppliers and Friends, We thank you for your support across our social media, LinkedIn, website and customer portals and aim to keep progressing on these for a better customer experience.  From all of us at FJT Logistics we wish you a Happy, Healthy and Safe Christmas and …

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November 2021 – News Brief

Welcome to our November News Brief. Dear Friends, Finally, after more than 24 months it has been possible to visit our office in Italy. It has been with very different feelings to take the plane in quite an empty airport and to see how one of the busiest connecting airports was like a regional airport, very few …

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October 2021 – News Brief

Welcome to our October News Brief. Dear Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Friends, This month we celebrate our 20th anniversary of the constitution of the company, 20 years of life fully dedicated in trying to make this part of the world, Home.Thanks to all of you, it has been possible to realise all of this. With respect, appreciation …

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September 2021 – News Brief

Welcome to our September News Brief. Greetings to our clients, colleagues and partners.We hope that you, your families and your work colleagues are keeping well and coping with our shared challenges. We are moving towards the traditional Peak Period of 2021 calendar year, yet we are not fully aware of what that period will look like. …

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August 2021 – News Brief

Welcome to FJT Logistics’ August News Brief. Dear Customers & Colleagues, August 2021  has been a difficult month for many of us, having NSW, Victoria and Queensland in lockdown. Vaccinations are moving forward and according to statistics published we should be in position to reach 80% of the entire population over 16 years old to have double …

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