Air Freight

The role of airfreight in international trade is a demand-driven, evolving model. For some, air freight is a premium, last-resort, urgent service used sparingly on a case by case basis. For others, air freight is a valuable regular option for coordinating time sensitive shipments.


At times, air freight can be part of a multi-modal cargo movement, part by air, part by ocean freight. Moving cargo by air freight also offers the advantage of a high level of security as airport controls over cargo are tightly managed.

Whatever the requirement, FJT Logistics can assist.

Typically, air freight is driven by deadlines, and the capacity to expedite cargo door to door from shipper to consignee via a single service helps meet those deadlines.

Our global network of offices and agents facilitates this.

Our clients can utilise our suite of supply chain services at different levels.

Port to Port consignments with full track & traceability are an example of a service option we can provide where the client may have their own arrangements for transport, customs clearance, etc.

In extenuating circumstances, dedicated non-passenger flights can be used to move large cargo volumes, over-dimensional cargo, project consignments, etc.

FJT has experience in these areas and can develop scope of works and pricing to meet your needs.  

FJT offer packing services – tailor made packaging in conjunction with airline requirements.

Fragile, dangerous goods, odd-shaped cargo, our packing services can accommodate a range of needs.

Often the key to successful air cargo movements, flexibility & timely communication around routing/transit times is vital. We understand that.

Air cargo rates are demand driven and can be very fluid at times.

Our airline connections allows us to get the competitive rates to meet the service needs

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