Domestic Shipping

For many clients, the supply chain does not necessarily end at their local address, and the national movement of cargo across Australian states are a significant part of the process.

As your freight solutions partner, FJT Logistics can suggest and implement national domestic shipping models to meet your needs

To support our international cargo services, FJT can also coordinate your domestic road freight movements nationally, be it capital city to capital city or to regional locations.

With offices in 5 capital cities, we can handle both origin and destination coordination at local levels.

Especially for longer haul domestic movements, rail cargo is becoming an increasingly attractive option with service options & capacity increasing, at competitive rates.

The movement of FCL cargo from Aust Port to Aust Port via International cargo vessels is one of our highly recommended service options.

Price effective, reliable transit times, all with a carbon footprint lower than other domestic transport models.

The express shipping options of domestic air freight make it a valuable option for coordinating time sensitive shipments with the advantage of a high level of security.

Clients with regular domestic cargo movements find that having their own shipping containers to facilitate this, is a very productive model.

FJT can assist with the purchase of FCL shipping containers that can be designated for domestic shipping use, and our buying power guarantees competitive purchase prices.

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