Australian & New Zealand Port Terminals Update August 2022


ANZ port update

Patrick: Vessel delays around 4 – 5 days.
DP World: Average delay is 5 to 6 days for vessels that are already arriving off the berthing

Patrick: Vessel delays are around 1-2 days.
VICT: For week 33 commencing Monday 15 August 2022 VICT There are currently no berthing delays with all vessels currently alongside and working on arrival.
DP World: 1-to-2-day average delay for vessels that are already delayed and arriving off the berthing window.

Brisbane – Vessel bunching currently being incurred off the QLD coast.
Patrick: Vessel delays around 1 to 2 days.
DP World: Vessel delays 1 to 2 days.

Patrick: Terminal vessel delays of 1 to 2 days. Some vessel bunching starting to re occur.
DP World: Congestion delay is 1 to 2 days. Vessel bunching with vessels of same service delayed from origin and arriving off the berthing window.

Average delay is 1 to 3 days for vessels that are already arriving off the berthing window.

New Zealand
The average vessel delay in Auckland is still around 8 days. Auckland terminal utilisation as of 10 August 2022 is at 78%. Shipping demand through the terminal remains back-to-back.
POAL has seen a challenging week with ongoing delays due to weather events, mainly due
to fog across multiple mornings stopping operations and the impacts of staff winter illnesses.
This, with the prior week’s severe winds has created a backlog of vessels with several currently at anchor. POAL are working through the vessel backlog and the flow of containers
through the terminal has been managed well with good truck turn times.
Cargo operations for ANL Tranztas vessel ‘Safeen Prime’ were disrupted due to several positive COVID cases onboard. Cargo operations were completed under tight operating
protocols but the availability of import containers from the vessel will be slow.
Container/Bulk berths are currently operating at 100% utilisation. This is expected to ease off over the coming week. ETB’s for incoming vessels ops are being planned with caution
and terminal capacity heavily reliant on Transporter deliveries being conducted promptly.
PCC terminal facilities and the Car Handling Facility volumes are currently 70 to 5% of
terminal capacity. Incoming vessel discharges will see terminal capacity usage increased to 100% in the coming week. POAL will be reliant on transport operators to remove cargo from the terminal within the allocated dwell time.
Congestion continues with large container and breakbulk volumes and MC will remain under pressure. POAL are encouraging transport operators to continue to liaise with the shipping lines on receivals and operating hours.
POAL/MC Ops team request all efforts for key stakeholders to resource for the swift delivery of cargo within its permitted free time. Extensions for free time and any additional storage will not be considered.
Lyttleton incurring average waiting time of 2 days. Tauranga continues to see terminal congestion and average delays of up to 4 days. Tauranga terminal utilisation remains
extremely high at 120%
Carriers continue vessel schedule adjustments to safeguard schedule reliability.

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