December News Brief

Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to the final edition of our newsletter for 2023.

It’s been wonderful to engage with so many of you in our freight forwarding community, whether it be with our clients, employees or fellow industry operators.

As the year draws to a close, FJT Logistics reflects on the past 12 months; our growth, achievements, challenges and future vision for the business.

Focusing on growth, this year has been all about future investment.
We’ve made changes within our Sydney office, rebuilding our team with five new staff members.

A heads of agreement for a new office and warehouse space in Sydney has also recently been signed, which supports our capital commitment to reinvest in the business.

The new 2,700 square-metre site will be operational in 2024, completing our expansion plans for Australia and New Zealand.

The strategic move enhances our operational efficiency and reaffirms our commitment to delivering best logistics solutions.

Prioritizing reinvestment in today’s market is the key to unlocking growth. It’s our commitment to our customers. Seizing opportunities in the midst of today’s conflict between Israel and Palestine, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, goes to show we’re here for the long haul.

In a financial crisis, or a pandemic, or when tensions are high politically, there is no ‘going back’ as a company. The only direction is forward.
We believe now is not the time to “tweak” what used to work. Now is the time to think hard about how our company can and should work five to 10 years down the line.

By reinvesting in our growth, we’re marching alongside our customers.
Australia until now has been the heart of our business. We are, however, linking our international branches, taking them to a new level.

Whilst we’re proud of our achievements, we do see ourselves as a global company – a family business that is passionate about its customers.
We like to challenge ourselves and our technology and employees support the growth of the company.

An annual meeting for our regional managers will be held in Hong Kong in January for a brief on our developments and future vision.
Our leaders will be encouraged to work simultaneously on reaching their full international potential; embedding a sense of global thinking into their corporate cultures and the ways they operate on a daily basis.

We’re also linking our Asia branches with Europe and fostering a global mindset, helping our importers have a global door-to-door service using FJT Logistics services.

With a determination to continue looking after our customers, to welcome and keep the best staff, and to constantly innovate, we’re excited about the year ahead and wish our customers and employees a happy festive season.

Alessandro D’Orto

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