Revisited and New Fees

Effective 1st March 2021 there will be further landside Infrastructure Surcharges, a re-introduction of the side-loader fee for Patrick Terminal and a new long vehicle fee.

These fees are being charged by the transport companies and ultimately being passed down the supply chain and onto the importers.

Revisited and New Charges:

Terminal Access Charge –  This charge has been on the increase and it seems stevedores have the state government on their side endorsing the incremental escalation.

Side-loader Fee – This fee was firstly introduced in 2012 and justified by the fact that sideloaders were required to complete deliveries.  This is now being re-introduced after it was initially removed by Patrick Terminals year ago.  Other terminals around the country have already been charging this fee.

Long vehicle fee  – This is a new fee introduced by Patrick Terminals, for truck and trailer combinations of more than 26m long that require access to the Autostrad grid.

For further detail on these charges, refer here on Freight & Trade Alliance’s page.

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