Welcome to FJT Logistics’ June News Brief.

We are approaching the end of this financial year that began with many fears due to COVID but instead ended with confidence for the future, at least in Australia and New Zealand.
It has been a very hectic financial year for FJT Logistics with the opening of two branches in China as well as moving into new Melbourne and Brisbane office and warehouse.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our employees and customers that without their incredible support and effort all this could not be possible. We will continue to work hard to deserve your trust.  

FJT Logistics strongly believes that we have a duty to invest in our company so that we can provide improved benefits and competitiveness to our customers.

Last but not least, this will be the ending of our 19th financial year since FJT Logistics was established.  We are looking forward to this next year which will be an important milestone for all of us, and we look forward to discussing this in the near future.

In the meanwhile, thank you again for your trust and support.
It is a pleasure working for you and with you. 

Alessandro D’Orto

FJT's VIC Operation & Customer Service Manager, Lorenzo Checcacci receives the Pangea NETWORK Group's Personal Nomination Award 2021

We sincerely congratulate Lorenzo in receiving industry recognition with the Pangea Personal Nomination Award 2021 for his extraordinary support to our clients and merit at an individual level.
Lorenzo’s daily effort as well as many other FJT Logistics members, is of greatest satisfaction and we appreciate how this allows us to remain competitive.
We thank Pangea Network for the opportunity to work together in satisfying our customers’ requests and the possibility to grow professionally.
Congratulations Lorenzo for your well-deserved award!

Goods Compliance Update (2)
Yantian Port Situation

Shenzhen ports, Yantian and Shekou are experiencing up to 14 day delays.

Multiple shipping lines are reporting poor productivity due to the COVID-19 issues in the area. This has spilled over the entire region causing transport and logistic delays...

Goods Compliance Update (3)
Australia & UK Free Trade Agreement

Positive news with the new Australia/UK FTA.

More Australian jobs and opportunities for exporters...


In June 2021, FJT Logistics partnered with OneTreePlanted to support the Bushfire Recovery Nurseries in SA by funding 600 seedlings that will be raised and then planted in the Mount Lofty to Kangaroo Island Connection.  

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