AU & UK Free Trade Agreement

Positive news with the new Australia/UK FTA; more Australian jobs and opportunities for exporters.

AU & UK Free Trade Agreement has been agreed between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his counterpart, Boris Johnson.

The Free Trade Agreement will aim to secure the elimination of tariffs for all goods, and establish mechanisms that address non-tariff barriers to trade between Australia and the UK.

  • The agreement will liberalise imports, with up to 99 per cent of Australian goods entering the UK duty free once the deal comes into force
  • Beef and sheep meat tariffs on Australian exports to the UK will be eliminated after 10 years
  • Sugar tariffs will go after eight years, and dairy tariffs will go after five years
  • Short and medium grain milled rice will get immediate duty free access once the FTA is in place
  • Australia will aim to address non-tariff barriers (NTBs) by assessing and removing trade-restrictive measures for trade in goods, enhancing transparency for customs procedures 

For further information on the Australia-UK FTA, including updates on negotiations and how to make a submission or submit a query, please visit:

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