Protection Against The Khapra Beetle

As of Monday 12 July 2021 under Phase 6A of the khapra beetle urgent actions additional measures come into effect.

There will be an introduction of mandatory offshore treatment for all FCL\FCX sea containers packed with all types of goods in the target risk countries and unpacked in rural grain growing areas of Australia.

For full details please visit DAWE’s dedicated page here.


Untreated containers from target risk countries cannot be treated on arrival in Australian Ports and will be directed by Dep’t of Agriculture Biosecurity for immediate export, at the consignee’s expense.

Type of target risk container

Implementation date

How to comply

FCL/FCX container where other goods are packed into the sea container in a khapra beetle target risk country and will be unpacked in a rural grain growing area of Australia Note: The import conditions will be included in the BICON case Non-commodity cargo clearance on 12 July 2021. 

Will commence on 12 July 2021 (containers exported on or after 12 July 2021)

Containers must be treated offshore (prior to packing*) using an approved treatment option and accompanied by a valid treatment certificate.
*Note: treatment of containers already loaded with goods is acceptable for methyl bromide treatment only.

Class 19 approved arrangements (NCCC and AEPCOMM) will also come into effect on 12 July 2021.

Included are the below:

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