Khapra Beetle Update & New Requirements

New Requirements for high-risk plant products imported via air and sea freight are expected to commence in September 2021.

The urgent actions are being supported by a $14.5 million investment to strengthen biosecurity against this significant pest.

This will mean that if high-risk plant products are exported in an FCL/FCX sea container from a khapra beetle target risk country, both the plant products and the sea container itself will require offshore treatment.

Unless using methyl bromide, the sea container must be treated when empty (i.e. before goods are packed into the container).

High Risk Plant Products Exported From All Other Countries (Non-Target Risk Countries)

High-risk plant products exported from all other countries will be required to be inspected offshore and accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate.

The phytosanitary certificate must include an  additional khapra beetle declaration.  These new requirements are in addition to the existing khapra beetle requirements existing for sea containers.

Full details regarding the new requirements are published on DAWE’s website here

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