Khapra Beetle Update [Exclusions List & Provisional Alternative Treament Options]

The Dep’t of Agriculture, Water & the Environment (DAWE) has released updates for the khapra beetle measures. This includes exclusions and alternative treatment options for high risk plant products.

Exclusions List to the Khapra Beetle measures:

  • The exclusions list of high-risk plant products is relevant to Phases 1-3 and Phase 6A part 1.
  • The plant products exported on or after 2 August 2021 are no longer considered high risk:
  • Commercially prepared & package goods that have been thermally processed- material has been transformed from its original raw form.
  • Goods commercially milled/ground to powder, meal, flakes and in 25kg bags or less.
  • Only commercial consignments will require a phytosanitary certificates to verify they are khapra-beetle free.

NB. An imported good is considered retail packaged if commercially prepared/packaged and ready for the Australian market with no further processing, packaging or labelling.

Provisional Alternative Treatment Options:

Phase 3 Kaphra Beetle urgent actions for high-risk plant products will commence September 2021.

  • Mandatory offshore treatment using approved options for high-risk plant products from khapra beetle target risk countries (both air & sea)
  • Heat treatment, methyl bromide fumigation & form some products where these are not feasible, modified atmosphere treatment. (to register for this treatment contact via email:

Alternative treatments can be found on the DAWE’s page

Please also refer to kaphra beetle measures for any ongoing changes.

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