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DP World & VICT Terminal Fee Structure
Effective 1st January 2022

Over the last year we have seen fees and charges increase and ultimately bringing the price of goods up. Charges that will be revised and introduced are listed below

• Terminal Access Charges (Import & Export)
• No Show Charge
• Sideloader Fee
• Chain of Responsibility Fee

Enquiries Into Maritime Logistics Industry

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an enquiry into the Maritime Logistics Industry, reviewing the challenges below:

• Competition, waterfront industrial relations, infrastructure constraints and technology uptake
• Regulation of Terminal Access Charges
• Ensuring fair and reasonable container detention practices

Shipping Lines Detention Policies Christmas/New Year Period

Important Points to Note:

• Most shipping lines may consider some relief, if applied for and the case is genuine
• Importers closing down for holiday period is not considered as a genuine case
• Applications prior to vessel arrival are the ones that will be considered
• After detention has occurred little to no consideration is likely to be given

AdBlue And The Importance To Our Economy

The Demand Of AdBlue To The Logistics Industry Is Increasingly Becoming Important

• AdBlue shortage is likely to effect the supply chain
• Trucking fleets, predominately on diesel, could be affected due to short supply
• This will have a trickle down effect on supply to all industry sectors
• Read more on an interesting article that looks at the extreme case of the potential issue

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