Welcome to FJT Logistics’ August News Brief.

Dear Customers & Colleagues,
August 2021  has been a difficult month for many of us, having NSW, Victoria and Queensland in lockdown.
Vaccinations are moving forward and according to statistics published we should be in position to reach 80% of the entire population over 16 years old to have double vaccine doses by Christmas, avoiding lockdowns and quarantine in the future.

It is a difficult challenge and it seems clear that we do not have many other options.
Talking about business, the Ocean Freight level costs are now very clear to everyone as well as difficulty in finding space from any part of the world heading to Australia and New Zealand.
Recent news regarding delays in the schedule of the vessels based on the lockdowns of ports in China as well as the backlog in USA ports, which not only generate a postponed date in container arrivals at destination but more importantly the rules that the shipping lines have placed considering this situation.
Due to departure dates being delayed, carriers are charging ocean freight according to the actual departure date and not the applicable date of the booking or original vessel departure date or even when containers are returned to the terminal in order to be shipped.

The shipping lines expect us to inform customers to get used to this situation.  So far there is no room for any discussion or negotiation.

One of the most requested questions we receive from our customers is “when will this all end?”  No one really knows. Potentially we are not expecting a short term down turn situation, it is safe to consider that this will continue for at least 12/18 maybe 24 months in order to plan your costs for the future.
We wish you all and your loved ones, a safe time during the lockdown.

Alessandro D’Orto

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