Safeguarding Arrangements Scheme (SAS) within the BMSB Season

As the management of BMSB risk commodities and supply chain processes mature, there may now be an opportunity for eligible customers to consider this scheme.

SAS allows approved importers to potentially have exemptions from BMSB requirements if they can substantiate that their shipments undertake a strictly controlled supply chain process that minimises the exposure to BMSB risk.

There are quite a few requirements that importers & their suppliers need to meet, such as indoor storage processes, minimum shipment volumes, audits etc.

Certainly not all customers will qualify, but for those that may be interested, further information can be found on the Safeguarding webpage.

We are not entirely confident that the processing turn-around time of BMSB affected import shipments will be maintained by The Dep’t of Agriculture at a good level throughout the season.

The Dep’t is still working in a COVID-restricted environment, and with shifting priorities, such as the increased attention on the Khapra Beetle growing risk.

We are now in the early days of the 2021/22 BMSB season, with not so many changes from last season.

The Safeguarding Arrangement Scheme (SAS) has many benefits despite significant supplier side input for the application and the seasonal compliance management at origin. We are here to help our eligible customers in the process.

If, after checking the SAS information webpage, you have an interest in more information re your eligibility for SAS, then please contact your local FJT Logistics office for further guidance.

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