Khapra Beetle - Raising Awareness

The Department Of Agriculture, Water and the Enviroment (DAWE) has outlined what to look for to avoid the entry of the Khapra beetle into Australia. 

For Importers the most likely way that khapra beetle could make it to Australia is with:

  • stored produce including grain, rice, cotton seed, powdered milk and nuts
  • containers used for storing or moving produce, including in cracks and wall linings of storage containers.

For Growers & Handlers:

  • Check stored grain and storage facilities regularly for new pests and unusual damage symptoms.
  • Look for cast-off skins.
  • It will not be in crops in the field.
  • Make sure you are familiar with common storage pests so you can tell if you see something different. 

For All if you think you have found khapra beetle:

If you think you have found khapra beetle:

  • do not disturb the insects (this may be as simple as closing the doors on a shipping container or sealing a silo)
  • take a photo
  • collect a sample, if possible to do so without disturbing the insects.

For further detail please refer to DAWE’s page here.

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