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Planning for End of Year Holiday Period

We are moving towards the end of 2021, and for many customers it is time to plan for potential cargo arrivals/receivals over the End of Year holiday period.

FJT Logistics has a range of warehouse/3PL services to provide assistance to our customers during that period.

As all would be aware, shipping schedules are not so reliable in the current market, and  this can lead to arrivals and cargo availability that can occur during the holiday period.

We can supply services including:

  • FCL unpacks & return of empty containers  to avoid container detention
  • Palletisation, stretch wrapping, banding  
  • Cargo storage, short to long term
  • Stocktakes
  • Delivery ex-store at the end of the holiday period
  • In Melbourne, and soon to be in Brisbane, onsite Biosecurity inspections & onsite cargo fumigation.

Let FJT assist with your holiday/closure planning.
Contact your local FJT office to discuss your requirements

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