Empty Container Detention

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Administration of unfair container detention practices and concerns about potential anti-competitive practices by foreign owned shipping lines continue to be key elements of Freight & Trade Alliance’s (FTA’s) broader advocacy for shipping and logistics reform.

The importing industry is paying more than one billion dollars per annum for container detention fees in addition to record high freight rates and a spate of other surcharges.  This is adding to the current cost of living and inflationary pressures being felt across Australia with charges being passed down the supply chain, adversely affecting manufacturers, farmers, rural communities, businesses and consumers.

Clearly the need for regulation to ensure reasonable container detention policies are administered for the dehire of empty containers is paramount.  With empty container detention initiated in some cases seven (7) days after discharge (not availability), we strongly recommend advising us well in advance the date empty containers will be ready for collection.

We remind customers that empty containers must be made available for collection at least 2 business days before the end of the free period to avoid and/or minimise detention charges.

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