Simplified Trade System (STS) & the Australian Government

A push to increase physical cargo inspection rates – how will these alternate priorities work together?

As part of the Australian Government’s trade reform agenda, the development of STS has a strong government focus & is an exciting initiative.

Simple, smoother, faster,  seems to be the message.

Somewhat contradictory to this is the Border Protection aspect of a new cargo intervention program, that will involve Aust Border Force (Customs) & Dep’t of Agriculture (Quarantine) increasing the inspection rates for import air & ocean cargo.

The Australian Border Force  is developing this new model.

In a moment of rare transparent public commentary, ABF has acknowledged that the current operational model and resources of ABF & Dep’t of Ag won’t accommodate increased inspection rates without impact to the importing industry.

For those awaiting a quarantine inspection of imported cargo, you will know what we are talking about!

Any new model that has a balanced commercial & border protection focus will need to involve automation, technology, early intervention, and increased resources.

There is a lot of money needed for that to occur.

We will follow the discussion with interest and update accordingly.

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