Welcome to our October News Brief

Dear Friends,
In October, here down under, it’s usually a very busy month in our industry. Christmas and summer orders are ready to be shipped or on the water facing issues for spaces while freight rates increase. This year, it’s not the case, there are as many spaces as required and freight rates are decreasing weekly.

We all deserve a little bit of quality time after the tremendous effort of the past 30 months.

We at FJT Logistics are approaching the end of 2022 putting in balance the past 2 and half years together with the last few months where we have had the exact opposite situation and working out what kind of support, we should be offering our customers, either in terms of services or support for the new calendar year.

In terms of news, our new facilities have just opened in Canning Vale, WA and Salisbury South, SA , are approaching completion and ready to support our domestic and interstate customers. Many thanks to the Branch Managers, staff and Bob Usher, National Warehouse Manager, and Sam Curro, Executive Business Manager, for their continual work in making this happen.

The recent trip to Italy has also provided some news in respect to the structure over there, with the appointment of a CFO for the Italian entity, Fabio Bartolini, considering the recent growth of the Italian branch and the imminent opening of our new office in Milan, expected November 1st,2022. More details about this branch to follow in the next news brief.

We take this opportunity to thank all our staff for their daily hard work in helping the company to constantly renew, change and grow while coping with the changes in the market. We thank our valued customers, which without their trust today we could not challenge ourselves.

Thank you very much.

Alessandro D’Orto

Goods Compliance Update (42)
Mixed Goods Consignments

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) often sees containers of exempt BMSB goods that are packed with gifts or promotional items from suppliers, especially in the lead up to the festive season

• These goods are often tariffed as target high risk goods and render the entire container subject to BMSB treatment
• Please ensure if suppliers are placing these goods in the container, they are aware of the requirements for BMSB, and goods are treated accordingly prior to packing in containers
• Containers which are packed with a mix of target high risk and exempt goods are assessed for BMSB at the highest risk level and will require mandatory treatment. Deconsolidation or removal of goods will not be permitted prior to the treatment in Australia. Where this BMSB treatment cannot be conducted at the container level, the whole container will be directed for export

Goods Compliance Update (43)
Fremantle Empty Container Park Congestion

Whilst empty container park (ECP) congestion remains an ongoing concern in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, significant delays have spiked at the Port of Fremantle in recent weeks

• A number of shipping lines have put redirections in place and when they are not honoured by the ECP’s, importers are incurring added costs from transport operators for empty container de-hire delays, yard storage of empties, re-directions between multiple ECP’s, futile trucks trips, container detention, and additional administration
• There is no sign of the congestion easing and whilst the delays continue, FJT continues to work closely with shipping lines and transport companies to minimise the potential impacts and costs to customers

Goods Compliance Update (44)
International Port Terminals Update

Provides a summary of terminal operating conditions in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Europe and UK – Courtesy of Freight & Trade Alliance...

Goods Compliance Update (45)
Australian & NZ Port Terminals Update

Provides a summary of vessel delays and congestion at Australian and NZ ports – Courtesy of Maersk, Patrick Terminals, VICT & WWL...

Goods Compliance Update (47)
Annual Packing Declarations

If you are constantly having to request Packing Declarations for each of your sea freight consignments into Australia, Annual Packing Declarations will streamline the process for you and your suppliers, and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue...

Goods Compliance Update (46)
World Container Index (WCI) 15 September 2022

Provides an interesting insight into World Container Index pricing – Courtesy of Drewry UK

• The World Container Index per 40 FT container as of 13 October2022 decreased by 6% to $3,483.19 USD 40FT
• The composite index decreased by 6% this week, the 33rd consecutive weekly decrease, and has dropped by 65% when compared with the same week last year
• The average composite index for the year-to-date is $7,402 per 40ft container, which is $3,670 higher than the five-year average of $3,732...

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